Planning a Trip to Greece In the Fall

Once the excitement of summer dies down, we often start longing for our next adventure. Fortunately, the fall is the perfect time to take a trip, especially to Greece. You can take in the beauty of fall foliage and the harvest season while avoiding the crowds of Greece’s busier months. If you are looking for an amazing experience traveling to Greece in the fall is a safe bet. 

The Foliage of The Meteora

The Meteora is a stunning rock formation located in Thessaly, Greece. Home to a large Eastern Orthodox Catholic community, beautiful monasteries rest on these natural rock formations. These historic landmarks are jaw-dropping all year round but there is something special about visiting Greece in the fall. You can visit one of the six monasteries while gazing over the rolling hills painted by the colors of fall foliage. If you have an interest in historical landmarks or simply love a breathtaking view, definitely check out The Meteora.

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Grape Harvest

Harvest season offers a wealth of unique experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience on a trip to Greece. For example, during the fall, grapes become ripe on vines across the country. This makes fall a great time to take wine tours and enjoy some of the best wines Greece has to offer. You can even find places to check out or even get involved in the annual ritual of grape treading (crushing grapes). A trip to Greece in the fall is the perfect time for the wine enthusiast to take a tasting trip.

Olive Harvest

Speaking of the harvest season, olive groves across Greece are harvested during the fall and great feasts take place to celebrate the season. The Peloponnesian peninsula is home to beautiful olive groves, quaint villages perched on the mountains, as well as pristine beaches and lakes. The peninsula is also only an hour’s drive from Athens, so you can enjoy both during one trip.

Secluded Beaches

While many of us associate beach vacations with summertime, fall is an ideal time to experience Greece’s shoreline without the hustle and bustle of summer crowds. Visit the mountainous village of Volimes to check out one of the most beautiful beaches in the country – Shipwreck Beach. If you are looking to explore a different region of the country, don’t worry, strolling down any of Greece’s charming beaches will definitely not disappoint. Something that may surprise you is just how warm the water can be during the early fall. The heat of summer warms the water for months so you can enjoy a comfortable swim throughout your fall vacation. 

Perfect Hiking Weather

Greece is truly an ideal place for a hike. The rolling hills and breathtaking views work together to provide an unforgettable hiking experience. When visiting Greece in the fall, you can soak up the views and fresh air without dealing with the heat of summer. On the Cycladic island of Naxos, you can traverse the tallest mountain in the archipelago, Mount Zas. At 3,300 feet, you’ll be very thankful that you decided to take the hike during fall. 

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Traveling to Greece in the Fall

Whether you are looking to travel to Greece in the fall or any other season, you’ll need an experienced travel agent. At Trips2Greece, we look forward to sharing the joys and beauty of Greece with all of our clients. Are you looking to try the best cuisine Greece has to offer? Or would you like to enjoy the cultural and historical splendors of a new locale? From Northern Greece to Santorini, there are endless Greek treasures for you to explore. Now that you know what to pack for Greece, contact us to start planning your dream vacation!

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