Travel Tips for Your Greek Islands Vacation

It’s not difficult to have an amazing time during any Greek islands vacation. But there are some ways to turn a great vacation into an unforgettable one. The perfect mixture of preparation and insider knowledge is the best way to get the most out of your trip.

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Planning for a successful Greek islands vacation starts with packing. We often worry about finding ourselves underprepared when traveling abroad, which leads to overpacking. In reality, traveling lighter is always a better option, especially when you plan on visiting multiple islands. While Greece is a beautiful country, it doesn’t have the most modern infrastructure and roadways on many of the islands. This means travelers often have to carry their baggage hefty distances to get to their hotel. Not only that, every time you hop to another island you will need to pack everything up and lug it with you. If you can manage to fit everything you need in a carry-on bag, things will go much smoother. Keep in mind that the islands rarely get colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so those bulky sweaters and coats won’t be necessary. 

Consider Transportation

One of the best reasons to hire a travel agent for your Greek islands vacation is having someone take care of transportation. Many flights require a return trip to Athens before getting to the next island. Ferries may be a one-stop alternative but ferry rides can take several hours and every minute counts when trying to get the most out of your trip. There are also helicopter rides you can take for transportation which can provide you with exceptional aerial views. A travel agent can help you map out a seamless transportation plan so you can hop from island to island with ease. 

Watch What You Flush

Plumbing systems in Greece are nearly half the size of American pipes, meaning you should never flush anything down the toilet except human waste. It may seem strange at first but toilets will have waste bins nearby so you can throw out your toilet paper instead of flushing. Flushing it down the toilet could lead to plumbing issues that may cause you to lose your deposit at a hotel or rented house. 

The Right Islands For You

A Greek islands vacation is not a one-size-fits-all situation. You have thousands of islands to choose from and you need to pick destinations that match your needs and personality. Looking for a quieter vacation? Unpopulated islands like Milos could be for you. For a little more action, islands like Paros have busier areas as well as places of quiet seclusion. There are party-centric islands with exciting nightlife and destinations focused on family-friendly activities. An experienced travel agent can curate a Greek islands vacation that suits your unique needs. Otherwise, you will need to do extensive research to find a compatible itinerary. 

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Only Eating At Your Hotel

If you spend every meal on your Greek islands vacation at the hotel, you’re missing out. Yes, nice hotels will have delicious meals for you to enjoy but nothing beats authentic Greek cooking at local restaurants. From unique ingredients native to Greece to beautiful views and outdoor seating, the Greek restaurant experience is unparalleled. Many hotels will have more ‘globalized or Americanized’ dishes that provide a faux Greek experience. Make sure to see what the locals have to offer. 

The Ultimate Greek Islands Vacation

You saved up, set aside time, and made the decision to go on a Greek islands vacation – make sure it’s one to remember. The best way to experience everything the Greek islands have to offer is to hire an experienced travel agency. Trips2Greece provides tailor-made packages

and personalized services to make the perfect Greek vacation for you. Look through our many travel packages or contact us to curate an amazing Greek experience.

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