Hidden Gems for Your Vacation to Greece

Are you thinking about taking a vacation to Greece but want to go off the beaten path? Maybe it is isn’t your first trip or you just want to experience more of what Greece has to offer. Whatever the reason, checking out some of Greece’s hidden gems is the perfect way to have an unforgettable trip. 


Within the Aegean Sea, south of Mykonos, rests the gorgeous island of Paros. This relaxing and tranquil island has all of the sights, culture, and cuisine you would expect from a Greek island without the high prices of more ‘touristy’ locations. While offering a more unique, authentic experience, Paros still has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene with live music often playing through the streets. 

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On the north end of the island is the City of Naousa, known for large parades with local musicians and dancers. This is a great cultural experience that no one should miss. The main port city of the island, Parikia is the capital of Paros and features a quaint city with cobblestone roads, historic churches, and the signature Greek blue and white homes. There are also beautiful, white sand beaches that will make your vacation to Greece simply unforgettable.  

Athens Riviera

While trips to Athens are typically not considered ‘off the beaten path’ going to Athenian beaches is. The Apollo Coast of Athens is adorned with a rocky shoreline, beautiful beaches and pristine water without the hustle and bustle of typical tourist locations in Athens. The coastline has gorgeous five-star resorts to stay at while you enjoy windsurfing and sailing in Athens’ warm weather.


The island of Kythera is one of the most sublime locations in the Mediterranean, yet somehow is off the radar of many people going on a vacation to Greece. You can reach the island by plane or ferry and will find largely untouched natural beauty and a surprising lack of crowds. Explore the splendors of the island’s amazing beaches without the inconveniences of crowded tourist destinations. 

Ancient Messene

Many historical sites of Greece can quickly get overrun by tourists. However, in the Peloponnese region lies Ancient Messene, an archeological splendor that often goes unnoticed. The 2,000-year-old city showcases the architectural expertise of the ancient Greeks and you can soak up all of the history without the crowds. 


While Aegina is less ‘hidden’ than others on this list, it is still a road less traveled, especially with its proximity to Athens. International travelers often oven overlook this destination and most of the foot traffic comes from local visitors, making the experience feel more authentic. A quick ferry ride from Athens, the island offers the full beach experience of a Greek island as well as historical sights like the Temple of Aphaia. This temple is much like the Parthenon but in better condition. Aegina is the perfect place to enjoy everything Greece has to offer.

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Your Dream Vacation to Greece

Prepare yourself for exploring the beauty and history of areas in Greece that are off the beaten path. Enjoy moments of serenity at these hidden gems and return with memories that are uniquely yours. 

At Trips2Greece, we look forward to sharing the joys and beauty of Greece with all of our clients. Are you looking to try the best cuisine Greece has to offer? Or would you like to enjoy the cultural and historical splendors of a new locale? From Northern Greece to Santorini, there are endless Greek treasures for you to explore. We have a wealth of knowledge about Greece not gained from books or Google searches – but from experience. No matter what you are looking for, we are ready to lead the way. Contact us to start planning your dream vacation to Greece!

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