Things To Do In Santorini – The Essential Travel Guide

When planning a trip to Greece, it’s difficult knowing where to start. There are so many beautiful destinations and exciting experiences that it can be difficult to decide where you will go. While professional travel guides can help you learn about popular destinations and provide you with insight, you’ll need to decide your destination of choice. By exploring some of the best things to do in Santorini, it might be easier deciding where your dream vacation will take place.

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Ancient Thera

If you are a history buff or just love learning about ancient times, you don’t want to miss the ancient town of Thera. This hillside location stands above Perissa beach and is one of the most renowned archaeological sites on the island of Santorini. There are bus and walking tours that bring you through the ancient sites of Agora and the Necropolis. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Fira to check out what has been discovered through years of excavations on Santorini. End your day with the beautiful views of the Aegean sea from the hills of Thera – it’s one of those things to do in Santorini that you will never forget.  

Sailing Tour

What’s a trip to the majestic islands of Greece without a sunset cruise on the Mediterranean? Many sailing tours offer drinks, snacks, and opportunities to make a stop at one of Santorini’s pristine beaches. The awe-inspiring views around the Caldera become an intense experience of beauty once the sun dips down and paints the crystal-clear water with ruby reds and glowing oranges. Seafarers and land lovers alike will find something to love while cruising around Santorini. 

Eros Beach and Cape Columbo

Santorini is home to some of the most popular beaches in Greece. However, if you know where to look, you can find some more secluded beaches to enjoy in peace. Eros Beach, located on the coast of Vlychada, is a hidden gem surrounded by a sublime cliffside. Although it is secluded, Eros Beach does have shops and supplies nearby. Cape Columbo, on the other hand, is a bit more off the beaten path. It is located near Oia, Santorini and is the perfect place to enjoy a private beach experience. Cape Columbo also is near an active underwater crater, making the water very warm. If you love a beach bum vacation, do not miss out on these two locations!

Santorini Arts Factory

If you do decide to head to Vlychada, you’ll want to check out the Santorini Arts Factory. This museum and cultural center are located within an old tomato factory. The museum still contains the old machinery and tools from the original factory which is surprisingly interesting to check out. Don’t worry if you don’t care much for tomatoes – the Santorini Arts Center hosts concerts, conferences, and plays. It’s a great place to soak up both the history and culture of Santorini. 

Santo Wines

When thinking about things to do in Santorini – it’s hard to ignore Santo Wines. Santorini is known for its exceptional wines and Santo Wines is one of the best wineries on the island. Not only are the wines delicious, but this winery on the outskirts of Pyrgos village has amazing views of the caldera for you to enjoy while you sip. Whether you want to take a wine tour or simply enjoy a glass or two, Santo Wines is an essential spot to visit. 

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More Things To Do In Santorini

Looking for more things to do in Santorini? At Trips2Greece, we look forward to sharing the joys and beauty of Greece with all of our clients. Are you looking to try the best cuisine Greece has to offer? Or would you like to enjoy the cultural and historical splendors of a new locale? From Northern Greece to Santorini, there are endless Greek treasures for you to explore. Contact us to start planning your dream vacation!

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