The Essential Guide on What to Pack for Greece

Are you gearing up for a big trip to Greece? With so much excitement on the horizon, it can be difficult to actually get down to business and packing everything you need for the trip. On top of packing all of the clothes you’ll need, it’s important to bring some items that will make the trip go smoothly. You never realize how many conveniences you rely on until you aren’t staying at home. If you are thinking about what to pack for Greece, these few items can make your trip easier. 

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Power Adaptor

Something many travelers forget is that outlets in Europe are not the same as those used in the United States. In Greece, type C, E, and F outlets are typically used, which are incompatible with the outlets used in the US. With an international power adapter, you can plug in things like your hair dryer or phone charger from home without any issues. Some even have usb ports for further convenience.

Portable Phone Charger

When we are thinking about what to pack for Greece, it’s important to remember how heavily we rely on electronics. If your camera isn’t charged, you could miss a great photo op, if a GPS dies, you could find yourself lost in a foreign country. Fortunately, you can bring along a portable charger that doesn’t take up too much space. Some chargers are as small as lipstick containers and have enough power to keep you charged throughout the day. 

Water Shoes

Although Greece has some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world, the ocean floor can be rocky or you may need to traverse rocky areas to get to the beach. Sandals aren’t made for walking around on the ocean floor and you can injure yourself walking on rocky, uneven terrain without the right support for your ankles. This makes water shoes a perfect choice for anyone wondering what to pack for Greece.. The breathable, lightweight shoes will protect your feet and can prevent you from slipping. They even dry quickly so you don’t need to walk around in sopping wet shoes all day.

Virtual Private Network

If you are a tourist traveling to any foreign country, you will likely be in many crowded areas which are perfect for cybercrime. You also have no idea how secure the wifi at your hotel or rental will be. If you want to protect your online activity abroad, it’s essential that you use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN will encrypt all of your data and prevent hackers from accessing your internet-connected devices. 

Activated Charcoal Capsules

It’s not a fun topic, but it’s important to note that your digestive system can be shocked when you eat food and drink water from a foreign environment. Doing so can result in traveler’s diarrhea which is never great for a vacation. Activated charcoal capsules can absorb toxins that your stomach can not handle so they can protect you throughout the trip.

Filtered Water Bottle

While water in Greece is safe to drink, you should always use some type of water filtration when traveling. Using a water bottle with a filter is a simple way to drink fresh, clean water. It also can make water taste better, which is always a plus!

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What to Pack for Greece – Your Dream Vacation

These items will make for a smoother trip but the smoothest trips are planned by those who truly know the country. At Trips2Greece, we look forward to sharing the joys and beauty of Greece with all of our clients. Are you looking to try the best cuisine Greece has to offer? Or would you like to enjoy the cultural and historical splendors of a new locale? From Northern Greece to Santorini, there are endless Greek treasures for you to explore. Now that you know what to pack for Greece, contact us to start planning your dream vacation!

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